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Day  1      Week 3                   Week 6
New Lawn - Warwick, RI 
week 6

Athletic Field Repair - North Kingstown, RI
Successful seed germination in July using AquaGel & Agri-Fos.
DAY 1 >>>
DAY 13 >>>
New Lawn - Cranston, RI using our Always Green Seed Mix.
Trees have been cut down and stumps have been removed. Ground is now ready for power raking.
Soil was treated with Dylox due to previous Grub damage.
Power raking courtesy of RJ Smith Construction.
This process tills the top 6 inches of soil.
A perfect clean seedbed is now formed.
Lime and other soil amendments are now added to be tilled in.
2,000 pounds of lime was needed to make the soil acidity close to neutral. Starter fertilizer was also added.
A soil test was taken to tell us exactly what amendments were needed to support a new lawn.
A final pass with the power rake tills the additives into the soil.
There was no additional loam added here.
The grade was pitched away from the foundation.
Lawn sprinklers were installed courtesy of Ocean State Lawn Sprinkler.
Front view.
One more final raking with a steel grading rake.
Now we are ready for Hydro Seed.
Side View
The precise spraying begins.
This is Day 1 of the planting process. September 18, 2008
An even application will produce a uniform stand of turf.
My daughter is happy to hear that this green goo will soon be her new lawn.
Hydroseed saves time....
and money without all the work....
of laying sod. With the right mix Hydroseed....
will produce sod quality results....
for a fraction of the cost.
We used a 50/50 seed mix. Kentucky Blue Grass and Perrenial Rye
Day 14 two weeks after hydroseeding.
Sprinklers ran 3 times a day for 15 minutes for the first 3 weeks.
Day 26
Day 27 Lawn was fertilized 5 days ago and is now ready for the first mowing.
close up
Shoots and tillers can be seen as the Kentucky Bluegrass multiplies.
Lawn is mowed the first time in less than a month.
A sharp blade was used and a grass catcher which is optional.
This is truly a much healthier lawn compared to sod.
This was the result of the final mowing of the season. November 17, 2008 Lawn is now 2 months old.
Before you decide to sod call Always Green and save big money by Hydroseeding.
This lawn was planted not transplanted like sod. With some care you can have a much healthier lawn by Hydroseeding.

The Hydro Seeding process.  Click on the first image to view the details.
Commercial Work
Photo Gallery
As seen in these photos we can precisely spray around anything you do not want grass to grow on. 

Hydroseeding is a uniform application ensuring you are getting the right amount of seed evenly applied over the entire area.
Retention Ponds
New Lawn on a 2:1 Slope in Newport, RI
We have many more pictures not shown.

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Always Green, Inc. is a locally owned and operated hydroseeding company servicing all of Rhode Island. Since 2004 we have been providing hydro seeding and erosion control services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in planting quality home lawns for a fraction of the cost of sod. 

In addition to our hydro seed and erosion control products, we continue to add additional services for all your landscape and lawn care needs. Explore our site to learn more about our products and services.

Pictures of Hydroseeding projects by Always green in Rhode Island

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