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Always Green, Inc. is a locally owned and operated hydro seeding company servicing all of Rhode Island. Since 2004 we have been providing hydro- seeding and erosion control services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in planting quality home lawns for a fraction of the cost of sod. 

In addition to our hydro seed and erosion control products, we continue to add additional services for all your landscape and lawn care needs. Explore our site to see all our products and services we offer.

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Grass Seed

Premium Quality Turf Grass Seed | Always Green Hydroseeding - RI

Premium Quality Turf Grass Seed | Always Green Hydroseeding - RI
Spyder LS - A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Spyder LS has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall quality under medium fertility, traffic, and shade. Tops in density under drought, its aggressive behavior crowds out weeds. 
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Pixie - Recommended for home lawns, parks, athletic
fields and golf courses. Improved brown patch resistance and overall quality. Tested with proven performance for 5 years in the national trials. Endophyte level was doubled compared to earlier seed lots. DOWNLOAD ► Product Sheet
Coronado Gold -​ With a uniform, dense turf providing dark green color, Coronado Gold is highly recommended for home lawns and professional turf applications, where a deep, infrequent irrigation can be maintained which promotes deep, healthy root systems.
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Inferno -​ Blazes into the turf-type tall fescue market with superior quality, fine leaf texture and attractive dark green color. Endophyte enhanced for increased persistence and insect resistance.
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Bonaire -​ A selection from Rutgers University breeding program, BONAIRE has exhibited above average turf quality, good establishment and moderate spring vigor. It has a medium dark green color and has excellent Rhizomatous development for sod production. 
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Brooklawn -​ Brooklawn establishes quickly and has aggressive Rhizome development which makes it an excellent choice in blends for sod farms. It doesn't get powdery mildew or crown rust which makes it an excellent choice to blend with the "Midnight" types. Brooklawn has excellent winter density and was ranked 6th among all entries in sod stretching strength tests. 
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Midnight -​ Probably the most outstanding feature of Midnight Kentucky bluegrass is its unusually dark blue-green color giving it a rich color even under low maintenance conditions. Its high tiller density provides a thick carpet that will stand up to the abuses of athletic fields and high traffic. 
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Titanium LS - A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Titanium LS thrives under low fertility, reduced irrigation, and shade. Particularly adapted throughout the Transition zone, its disease resistance to brown patch is excellent. 
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Dynamite LS - Dynamite LS was the top performer in the Southeast NTEP trial. It exhibits very aggressive tillering with lateral spread technology. Dynamite LS also produces a very dark green, dense turf which makes for a very wear tolerant variety.
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Top Gun II -​ Has outstanding resistance to two of the more costly diseases to control: pythium blight and brown patch. In addition, Top Gun II has superior resistance to pink snow mold, and red thread as well as other common turfgrass diseases and pests.
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Goal Keeper II -​ Is adapted to use on sports turf, golf course fairways,
roughs, and tees, home lawns, parks, and industrial and school sites. One of the faster germinating ryegrasses and gets a jump on the season with excellent seedling vigor.
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Our exclusive grass seed mix is made up of 70% Turf Type Tall Fescue, 15% Improved Kentucky Bluegrass and 15% Perennial Ryegrass. We use 3 varieties of Turf Type Tall Fescue in every seed mix. This is not your grandfathers URI #2 seed, our seed is far more advanced using Lateral Spread Technology.

Over the last two decades, genetic improvements have transformed tall fescue from a rank forage type to an attractive, deep green, uniform turf. Tall fescue is frequently the species of choice for sod production, sports turf, and residential lawns.

Widely adapted to a broad range of soil types and environmental conditions, it is particularly suited to the Transition Zone where heat, humidity, and disease pressures prevail.

Tall Fescue performs in shade and sun, tolerates moderate drought, and is resistant to insect attack and several diseases. Although slower to establish than perennial ryegrass, the tall fescues are deep rooted and very persistent.
Features and Benefits
  • Possesses species diversity, contains Turf Type Tall Fescues, Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass, produces a dark-green and uniform lawn in sun and shade.

  • Fills in quickly and fills in damaged lawn areas better.
  • Requires 30% - 50% less water & fertilizer once established.
  • Extensive root systems of up to 4' in proper soil conditions.
  • Rebounds quickly from summer heat and dryness.
  • Highest germination rates.
  • High traffic tolerance
  • Fine leaf blade texture
  • Dark green appearance
  • Endophyte enhanced
  • No weed seed

Features and Benefits

2024 Seed Specification Sheets

The following documents are the specification of the seeds of our exclusive Always Green Mix. We carefully select the top performers in university tests that will have the best drought tolerance, disease resistance, wear tolerance, shade tolerance and dark green appearance that will look and perform better than turf with less irrigation and fertility.

30%  Firecracker SLS Tall Fescue

20% Avenger II Tall Fescue

20% Screamer LS Tall Fescue

7.5% Bluebank Kentucky Bluegrass

7.5% Lunar Kentucky Bluegrass

15% Charismatic II Perennial Ryegrass

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Our seeds are hand selected from the top performers in the NTEP trials.