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Always Green, Inc. is a locally owned and operated hydro seeding company servicing all of Rhode Island. Since 2004 we have been providing hydro-seeding and lawn care services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in planting quality home lawns for a fraction of the cost of sod. 

In addition to our hydro seed and erosion control products, we continue to add additional services for all your landscape needs. Explore our site to see all our products and services we offer.

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HYDROSEEDING: \hi-dro-seeding\ (verb) The process of combining seed, mulch, fertilizer, and healthy soil amendments with water to mix in a Hydroseeder® tank to form a thick slurry. This slurry is applied with pressure to the surface for seed germination and turf development.

When is a good time to hydroseed? 
In our region hydroseed can be applied anytime between April and October.  Late summer early fall is the best time due to the warm moist soil conditions and less weed competition. 

Can I hydroseed my lawn in the summer?
Yes, but we do not recommend it. If you decide to it is essential to use a fungicide to control fungus due to the hot humid weather.

Why should I have my soil tested?
Soil Testing is an inexpensive way to find out if your soil is suitable to withstand a healthy lawn. See our Soil Testing page for more information.

Will I get weeds if I seed in the Spring?
You should not see many weeds at all within the first month of Hydro Seeding. We use a
weed control to control crabgrass and many other weeds during the germination period.

Will hydroseed work in shady areas?
Yes & No - Most lawn grasses are full-sun plants and do best in bright light. Even shade-tolerant grasses need at least three hours of filtered sunlight a day. You may find it to thin out over time.

Can I hydroseed over my existing lawn?
Hydroseed will do better with good seed to soil contact. If your lawn is thin we recommend de-thatching or core aerating to bring soil to the surface before we hydroseed.

Why is my lawn so thin and have moss growing in it?
This is usually due to a lack of sun-light. This area stays moist longer and may be acidic.

How long does it take after hydroseed is applied before grass will appear? 
Depending on the soil temperature, weather conditions and how much it has been watered, the seed should germinate anywhere from 5 to 10 days.

What if I can not water as recommended?
This is the most important thing you need to do for the first few weeks.  If the seed is not watered adequately it will not grow and may die.  We offer a Co-polymer gel that will help retain moisture.

When Can I walk on the hydroseed?
It will need to dry completely and then you can walk on it only as necessary until the first mowing.

Why is the grass thicker in some areas than others?
The grass is thicker because it is maintaining more moisture; you will need to increase your watering for the thinner areas.  Usually the areas out of direct sunlight are thicker.

Are the materials used in hydroseeding dangerous to my children or my pets? 
No.   Hydroseed is simply a mixture of grass seed, starter fertilizer, water and hydro mulch made from wood fibers that is dyed green with a dye similar to food coloring. 

Do all hydroseeding contractors use the same materials?
No. We use 100% wood fiber mulch along with growth stimulants, weed control, lime, and other additives to give you the best lawn possible. Other contractors may use a news paper blend mulch with no other growth enhancing additives. 

What kind of seed do you use? 
We use premium quality certified seed with lateral spread technology.  Typically our mixtures consist of Turf Type Tall Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass. 

What should I expect to pay for hydroseeding? 
A good quality hydroseeding job in our area is typically priced between 12 and 26 cents a square foot depending on how big or small the job is, proximity to a water fill location, and type of seed and other materials being used.

What is your lead time?
In some cases same day service if called by 8:30 am. In most cases we can Hydro Seed your project within 1-3 days of notification. 

Do hydroseeding contractors guarantee their work?
A reputable Hydroseeding Professional should always offer some sort of guarantee as long as the customer follows directions provided on how to grow in their new lawn. There are conditions that a contractor can not be liable for.  Always Green offers a Limited Guarantee. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 
We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard and Discover upon delivery.

What  should I do if my lawn is not filling in properly?
You may contact us for any problems you may have with your lawn, but we strongly recommend using our troubleshooting link first.

Where can I find more information about lawns?
Our favorite sites are: UMassAmherst Turf ProgramPurdue University Turfgrass Science
Weed Alert 

What if I still have questions?
For more information on any of our services you may contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions | Always Green Hydroseeding - RI

Frequently Asked Questions | Always Green Hydroseeding - RI

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