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Soil Testing
The addition of fertilizer and liming materials to a lawn should be based on a soil test. A soil analysis for plant nutrients, texture and pH is especially important at turf establishment or renovation. Complete soil testing is no longer offered in Rhode Island by URI, our company can provide this service for you through UMASS soil lab. 

Soil testing is an excellent measure of soil fertility. It is an inexpensive way of maintaining good plant health and maximum crop productivity. The soil test will determine the current fertility status. It also provides the necessary information needed to maintain optimum fertility year after year. Some plants grow well over a wide range of soil pH, while others grow best within a narrow range of pH. Most turfgrasses grow best in slightly acid soil. A soil test is the only precise way to determine whether the soil is acidic, neutral, or alkaline.

Most soil nutrients are readily available when soil pH is at 6.5. When pH rises above this value, nutrient elements such as phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper and zinc will become less available. When soil pH drops below 6.5, manganese can reach a toxic level for some sensitive plants.

The soil test takes the guesswork out of fertilization and is extremely cost effective. It not only eliminates the waste of money spent on unnecessary fertilizers, but also eliminates over-usage of fertilizers, hence helping to protect the environment.

Our soil testing procedure includes coming out to your property 
and using a soil probe to collect samples of soil. We will gather
random samples over the proposed turf establishment or maint-
enance area. We can also provide an instant on site pH reading 
of the soil. Once we have collected the samples we will prepare 
and send them to the University of Massachusetts for analysis. 

When the soil test is complete we will provide you with a comprehensive report along with information on how to adjust the soil as necessary. This will correct any deficiencies and make an ideal growing medium for your turf. 

If we are hydroseeding your lawn we will use this as a tool to determine if your soil needs any additional nutrients or lime to establish and sustain a healthy lawn. This can be done even if the lawn has been already seeded. We recommend a soil test once every 2 years to ensure maximum turf health and vigor.

Soil Test Types & Price List

On Site - Free with Hydroseed Purchase
A basic pH reading using a meter. This will determine 
if additional lime should be used in the hydroseed mix.  

​Standard Soil Test & Site Consultation $45.00
Provides pH, Buffer pH, Extractable Nutrients,
Extractable Heavy Metals (e.g. Lead), Cation
Exchange Capacity, and Percent Base Saturation.
Recommendations for nutrient and pH adjustment
are included with results. 

Standard Soil Test w/ Organic Matter $50.00
Same as Standard Soil Test plus a determination
and interpretation of the Percent Organic Matter
in the soil sample.

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