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Proper soil preparation is the first and most important step in the success of a healthy lawn. We use a Harley Power Box Rake® not to be confused with a landscape or a York rake. Our power rake is 6 feet wide and mounted on a tractor. The drum on the rake has carbide teeth that will loosen compacted soil, remove rocks and debris, level and grade to achieve a well groomed seedbed. What use to take 5 men and several pieces of equipment to prepare your soil is now achieved with only the power rake and one man in less time. 
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Power Raking Services | Always Green Hydroseeding - RI

Power Raking Services | Always Green Hydroseeding - RI
Always Green, Inc. is a locally owned and operated hydro seeding company servicing all of Rhode Island. Since 2004 we have been providing hydro- seeding and erosion control services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in planting quality home lawns for a fraction of the cost of sod. 

In addition to our hydro seed and erosion control products, we continue to add additional services for all your landscape and lawn care needs. Explore our site to learn more about our products and services.
The action of the power rake is very similar to a golf swing. As the teeth rotate on the drum is similar to the action of taking a golf club and making a 2 inch divot 6 feet wide. As the rake goes along it creates a seedbed roughly 2 inches deep leaving a level homogenized surface.

Furthermore the teeth on the Harley Power Box Rake® play an extremely vital role in preparing the sub base. Beneath the two inches of loose material, the teeth come through and literally hammer a golf ball size pattern into the soil. Fracturing the base beneath the loose soil will 

Power Raking RI
The Key to versatility of the power rake is the box ends. This allows us to pull material from high spots into low spots, to spread topsoil and to drag trash, rocks and other debris off the job site.

Not every site will be suitable for a tractor driven power rake. We look for open areas with little to no obstacles. We need at least 84”min width at any fence gate or opening. For small areas where this is not feasible we recommend hiring a local landscaper for seedbed preparation. Or if you want to do it yourself a rototiller can be used but it will be more labor intensive. Some rental stores have a walk behind version of this unit which is much smaller and maneuverable. Contact us for more information or follow this link on soil preparation.

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Soil preparation with a Harley Power Rake
allow for a nice even exchange of air and water with the base. That’s what allows for faster and more even rooting and a nice evenly green growth of grass.
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